Monday, July 17, 2006

My Place in the Mountains

I practice a profession in an environment where talking, making noises and raising voices is an everyday fact. This explains perhaps the reason why for the past several weeks, I have been yearning to visit the mountains and just allow myself to be just surrounded by its tranquility.

I have visited Banawe twice, and Mount Data in the Mountain Province once. In both of my visits, the peaceful surrounding and the cold mountain weather, with its morning mist just mesmerized me. The people there also made me wonder several times, whether the life I am living with its complexity, and all is really relevant. These people go through life, as I see it without so much rancor and absurdities.

I first visited Banawe in August 2003, and the second time in March 2004 with my family in tow. In Banawe, amidst the beauty of the terraces you become one with nature. You cannot but admire the work done by the Ifugaos in transforming the mountains into a natural work of man which has withstood the test of the times.

While Banawe is resplendent with the its simplicity and rural life in the mountains, Mount Data, a national park in the Mountain Province made me feel closer to heaven. It was in the mountains of Data, where I also experienced the shattering noise of a quiet environment or what I referred to as the “nakakabinging katahimikan.”

In the mountains,I take walks inside the forest and find my spot. I remain there for some time and just feel the positive energy that the forest gives.

As the city moved in its sweet and bitter anarchy, the forest in its placid quietness and gentleness beckons me with whisper of the winds to find peace.

In the forest of Banawe and Mt. Data, the trees stand in their majesty. They have remained strong and sturdy for centuries. While us mortals, wither away in age, they stand proud with the coming of the years.

It is indeed comforting that amidst all the uncertainties in the jungle of the city, there remains a spot in the anarchy of the world where we can find solace and peace.

I found that spot in my place in the mountains.

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