Saturday, June 26, 2010

On nothing

Its not easy going back to writing a piece, specially after a life changing event. This will be my first one to do so after quite a while. For three months, I remained almost an oblivion to many. I avoided social events, even meeting with friends and just remained in my quiet world. Writing even a short email for work seemed to be struggle.

Lately though there has been a personal urge on my part to begin writing again my thoughts.

But what do I write about? Not another piece on the law. Done that. Heck, i did a full thesis on the law and was eventually conferred honors for that a few months ago.

So what do I write about ? Lately, I have been preoccupied writing short poetry for my treasures in life. Poetry that is not meant to be shared, lest I be subjected to unknown critics' unsavory remarks. Its meant only for my treasures' eyes only.

I have no pretensions of having the facility or the lyrical adepth to writing. I write only because I want to. But still that doesn't answer the question I posed earlier.

This question festered me a week ago while I was on my way to the mountains of the north.

A week ago, I was back in my mountain after four years of just dreaming of her. There, I admired once more the beauty of my mountain, surrounded in bliss by the simplicity of life. In my mountain, a gentle breeze envelops your total being. There you can feel our God in all His wonder and might. There you can be one with our God and commune in silence with Him, where only the noise of total silence will bother you.

In my mountain, people live without the trimmings and so-called necessities in the concrete jungle. They live in sublime peace and blessedness, something we urban beasts will never fully know and understand.

I tried my best to breathe in every air I spent in my mountain. I filled my lungs to the brim, savoring every moment of it. But no voice came to me while I was there. There was only silence. Only the gentle hush of a mild wind breezing through will flowers and trees shatters the piece.

Now that I am back in the concrete jungle. Still the question fester me... what do I write about?

I know. Nothing.

Why not a piece on nothing. What is nothing. A total absence, uneventfull, insignificant.It is said to be the contrast of something and everything. So what is something and everything.

Does something and everything mean having something and having everything. Or, does it mean having nothing?

Something and everything? How do you measure something and everything. Does something mean having enough food, money or luxuries to lull your life? Does everything therefore mean having the means and power to get beyond something?

Paradoxically speaking, do you want to have nothing or have something or everything?
Easilly, anyone will either answer with the latter. But what does this bring us? Will it bring us peace? happiness? solitude? riches?

Answering it totally depends on our values and how we intend to use it. Having nothing may mean having no means, but being on the other hand in state of self-peace and happiness.